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A family-run Denver Icon for over 50 years, the Piper Inn prides itself on quick, friendly service, cold beer and the best wings in Denver.  Come for the classic American Bar food, the authentic Chinese dishes or the locally sourced craft beer list.  Stay for the friendly, neighborhood feel, top notch service or some of the best people watching around.


Whether it's the best wings in town, some classic american bar food or authentic Cantonese dishes. You'll find it all in here.

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A staple in the Denver food scene for over 30 years, our wings are constantly in the conversation when anyone's talking about the best wings in Denver.  Try classic Buffalo Wings, zesty Garlic Dry Rub or our signature Asian Wings.  Whether you like them spicy, mild or TURBO, your tastebuds will thank you for doing them the favor of putting these in your mouth.

Craft Beer

Why would we ship beer in from hundreds of miles away when there are some of the most stellar beers in the world being brewed right in our backyard? Of our 16 beers on tap, 10 taps are dedicated to finding the best, freshest, most delicious locally sourced Colorado Craft beers.  Our taps are constantly rotating, so be sure to check the craft menus to see what's new.

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Damn good rice and wings... But it took 35 minutes to get my lunch and I even called in ahead of time. Bar food = 5 Stars, service 2 stars. One of the few places that I can say the service was suspect, but I would be more than happy to go back and spend my more
Damion Wright
22:44 19 Jul 17
I enjoy everyone... very family friendly. Love all the bartenders. There all like sisters to me. You girls rock! It's my home away from home. Larry is awesome too!
Eddie Robson
18:44 02 Jul 17
Rode in on the bike yesterday to try the wings my man has been raving about, amazing! He got a plate of something else that was awesome too. Our waitress was great and we were served quickly. Will definitely be back here again!
Cheyenne Conlin
14:30 30 Jun 17
Great wings! Cold beer, friendly staff. The best in Parker.
Robert Probst
01:16 10 Sep 17
A nice biker bar. Good wings and fries. They serve Chinese food too. What a trip. Two pool tables. Fast and friendly service. Decent prices and portions. Gotta go back again.
Alan Loo
20:48 14 May 17
Great place to eat and drink. Exceptional value. People are great to watch.Harley Davidsons pulling in all day long. Good service and very clean. A like a lot must return place. Asian style wings are amazing..
Rich Levin
01:42 08 Oct 17
Yes, there was a transition problem in the kitchen this summer. But, I'm very pleased with the food, service and staff now. I've been coming here for many years, and it's better now than ever. New items on the menu, and the Asian wings are phenomenal again. Thanks more
Fred Flintstone
19:11 09 Nov 17
Great place. The food is amazing and so is the staff. They have the best hot wings!
Sarah Rampolla
03:30 11 Nov 17
The Piper is the best for people watching. Been coming here for years. Great waitresses, good food, strong drinks. What more could you ask for in a dive bar?
Don Reeves
01:26 25 Nov 17
Local joint, lively atmosphere, decent place. One of the few places in Denver that knows how to make good wings. Large sized, fully cooked, CRISPY wings(Im from Buffalo and claim the right to judge good wings :))Good place to catch most sports games. Solid, speedy service, the waitresses hustle, check in often.If you have some scratch to spend, want some good food/beers without having to go broke, definitely give this place a more
K Winszal
16:45 02 Dec 17
Wings!!!!!! Very good food even for as busy as they were. Waitress was running her behind off she was very busy but never missed a beat. Husband's chicken fried steak was cooked to perfection. We will be back soon!!
Tracy Shipley
21:52 03 Dec 17
Wait staff is very friendly generally. There are a couple servers that I hope I end up with when I go and others I really hope I don't get. You certainly get your money's worth on the drinks but the food is hit or miss. The Cantonese chicken sub fried rice had been upgraded recently and is amazing. The Asian style chicken wings are fantastic. I'm told the burgers are average but reliable and go-to's for several team mates. They now have garlic dry rubbed wings that could use some salt but are super crispy and delicious. This place is a biker bar but everyone is friendly and is a staple location for us to unwind. Definitely recommended if you're not looking for a date spot and just want a place to unwind and grab a bite to more
Ronnie Guidry
16:27 13 Dec 17
Advertised as the best wings in Denver - there is some serious truth in this advertising! They were amazing and the staff is very good at their job. 4 generations have run the joint and they are great at it!
Elizabeth Chesher
21:45 27 Dec 17
Best Biker friendly bar on Parker!!! Great eats cheap drinks and lovely ladies tending to your every need.
Jeremy Graber
01:31 18 Jan 18
Lunch during the week was very enjoyable. Heavy snowy day and not too busy. The food was wonderful, the staff was entertaining and the price was right.
03:07 16 Feb 18
Got take out. It was fine. Eggrolls are huge but outrageously greasy. Wings were fine. Fries were decent.
Adam Mikolaj
03:30 17 Feb 18
This is my go-to bar. The food is great, and you will never feel as though you are a stranger here. The staff is one of the best I have ever encountered. I have developed some lasting friendships because of this bar. I have spent many nights at Piper, and I will spend many more, guaranteed!read more
Jessica Marsh
07:16 26 Feb 18
Have been coming here for 20 years. The bar food is awesome. The wait staff are attractive people. Slow service is my only complaint. also has a cool ambiance.
Trent Lebaner
23:58 01 Mar 18
I went to Piper Inn on a Saturday at 12 noon. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken and a few Chinese wings. First of all, there were many bikes parked outside. I walked in and was welcomed by the whole bar. Very friendly atmosphere with real people. It is a neighborhood bar with a friendly waitresses. My order was taken quickly and I received my food in a timely matter. The sweet and sour chicken was awesome and the Chinese wings were large and very tasty. Great with an ice cold beer. Overall, I liked this place. I can see it getting really fun at night. There were a lot of families eating with me. It's a great more
Tammy Lee
20:05 03 Mar 18
Have to try the Chinese wings! That sauce is amazing. First experience was great, service was as expected for a dive bar. There was a pretty rowdy lady who was loud and crass which I think she may be a regular because she happened to be there both times we dined. Enjoyed everything the first ime, had wings and veggie fried rice. Second time, not so much, wings were really slimy and rice was overcooked and seemed to be sitting out for awhile. Don't think it will deter me from eating there again, just make sure things are fresh which they usually are. One of our favorite wings spots so far since good wings are so limited in more
Mrs Smith
18:11 07 Mar 18
I love this bar. It had been quite a while since I had been there, since I do not live close, nor frequent that area. But I was quickly reminded when I received my food. I do usually have one of the Asian style dishes. Outstanding well kept secret. In the kitchen, these items are made fresh, from scratch. Simply mouth watering! Egg roll, crab wantons, pork fried rice...But if your up for an all American burger, you definitely wouldn't go wrongread more
Susan Szulc-Flissi
00:20 08 Mar 18
Food is on point and buckets of ice cold beer. Kinda weird serving Chinese food in a biker bar but can't complain. They have quite a selection and the Asian wings are fantastic. Great place to hang out and wait for the afternoon traffic to settle more
jeff tamanaha
21:04 14 Mar 18
Now don't get me wrong, I love the Piper Inn. I have been coming for the wings and Chinese food for years. We noticed the change in the mild Asian wings a few months ago (not nearly as crispy and way too salty). We came back recently and asked that they cook them longer - they got that right so we were happy. However after 2 wings, they were so salty they were practically inedible. Egg Foo Young still amazing. But would love to get you back to 5 stars like in the past. The salt in the wings is way too much and they just need a bit more time crisping up. We will be back again and hope to have them alter it again to get it perfect like they used to more
Suzanne Suter
18:33 31 Mar 18
The staff are amazing and ensure the customers are taken care of. I personally dealt with Jed and he was wonderful and made sure I was satisfied with my order. The food is great and I plan on returning many times to come.
Heather Stephenson
17:35 21 May 18
Been coming here for 33 years. Recently with my grown and married Daughter whom joined us for the memories. It's a very diverse crowd for a biker bar. Food has been extremely consistent. Best of Westword chicken wings many times. It's like going back in time when you visit this great landmark! Love it!read more
Danger Will Robinson
06:40 23 May 18
This was our first visit to Piper Inn and it will not be our last. I was a little nervous going to a biker bar but felt immediately comfortable once our waitress approached. She came pretty much immediately after we sat down and was extremely pleasant when we asked for a moment to go over the menu. We ordered 8 different items and they came out quickly and the food was fresh and delicious. The waitress was attentive for our entire visit and we felt so comfortable here, I absolutely cannot wait to come back. Super reasonable prices and delicious food and drinks make this one of the best places I've visited in more
Brielle Mayo
01:54 27 May 18
I have been coming to the Piper Inn since I was 5 years old, it's definitely a place that I have visited over and over again with my family and friends. Definitely the best wings in Denver as advertised.The staff is awesome and there is low attrition so it is definitely a bar where you will recognize the staff from your previous visit. Definitely a Cheers type bar. The food is fantastic and has been that way since I was a more
Cade Lee
19:10 31 Jul 18
We had a company event yesterday and the Piper In did all the food for us. Just over $400 in wings. They are the most friendly group and they make you feel like your part of their family. Good food and people that get to know you. Winning combination and you'll see us again soonread more
16:34 02 Aug 18
Best wings in Colorado. Employees are really cool people. It is a biker bar. So you can see some cool motorcycles there. The bar is a little small. Has a great environment for all kinds of people.
James Nohrden
21:32 17 Aug 18
Went for the wings - as I love wings. Wings were a 5 for typical bar style hot wings. Loved how there was a pool of sauce on the bottom of my plate where some places barley even cover the wings in sauce. Only gripe is the really lose blue cheese dip. The dressing would just slide right off my wings, gotta thicken that stuff up so you can get a proper dip!read more
19:38 06 Sep 18
Between Matt and Graci making sure everybody in this entire place gets great service (oh can not forget the other bar tenders too) this is the best spot in Colorado. Yes I said Colorado. If you have not been to Piper Inn you need to get the Steak Tacos. The Asian wings are something they are known for as well. What an awesome atmosphere that allows you to be yourself. This is now my spot I go to and I recommend this place to anybody that wants great service and great food. Let’s also give a huge high five to the kitchen crew. Awesome place. Looking forward to another Piper Inn location in the future. Let’s call it Piper Inn 2read more
Charles Phillips
02:56 21 Sep 18
My 90-year-old mother moved to Denver 3 years ago from the Midwest. She loves Egg Foo Yung, and we've been trying all the Chinese places for something that matches what she left behind. We finally found it. Food was delicious, service very friendly, and fellow patrons polite in helping move chairs out of the way when Mom's walker wheels caught on them. 🙂 We will return!read more
Debbie O'Reilly
21:54 03 Nov 18

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